Spanish cuisine day at my place


In June I was in the middle of my ”Learn to enjoy small things” project. And I came up with the idea to learn new exotic cooking recipes. I thought: what if I pick a country and learn to cook some traditional meals beyond those 1-2 well-known ones? To keep myself motivated, I decided to recruit friends.

There was this article I read about the health benefits of Medditeranean cuisine and overall Medditeranean culture of spending time together. This became the concept for the “Cultures on the plate” project.

So first cusine we explored was, of course, Medditeranian: Greek. And it turned out to be super exciting.

Last Saturday we gathered for the second time to learn cooking all kinds of Spanish tapas. 12 hours of groceries shopping, cooking, Spanish songs, talks, movie, more cooking. I still can’t believe that cooking all day long can be this fun.

The illustration above is a visual diary entry, to keep it in memory for longer.

And I am already thinking of the country for our third meet up.

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