I am on YouTube! (again)


If you are around for a while, you might remember that I had a channel on Youtube. It still exists, but I say “had” because I did not upload anything there for over a year.

YouTube was always a big milestone for me as a creative.

I found so many great artists through it. Since my Day-1 in illustration they have been a great source of learning and inspiration, both in bad times and in good times. I wanted to join this art community and share my own creative journey as well. Maybe it can help someone too.

The tricky part is that video was never my format. I love drawing, I love writing, but I never was interested in filming. I am not very comfortable in talking to camera or making voiceovers. I have always been making the type of art which did not require me to stand there next to it when the audience was coming.

So during COVID I finally gathered up caurage, launched my channel and started posting my first timelapse and speedpaint videos. It was actually a pre-launch. The idea was that I will start adding vlogs as I will be gradually learning more about filming and editing. That time it did not stick. The launch never happened.

This summer I have a bit more time for personal projects and I decided to use part of it for my YouTube re-launch. For the past few weeks I have been learning to constatnly remember to make videos for vlogs wherever I go. I am also learning some video editing skills, which currently still seems like a forbidden magic spell.

I hope that before the end of the summer I’ll gain enough skill and caurage to make some new types of videos for my channel. For now I am sharing a drawing process video. I hope you like it!

Follow the below link to watch

Thanks for watching!


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