First Art Vlog on YouTube


This March was special for me. I’ve been planning to launch an art vlog forever. And it finally happened.

I was thinking about my art channel ever since I started learning illustration. When Covid lockdown happened, I finally launched my YouTube, but I did not feel ready to make vlogs, so I started sharing only drawing process videos there. Finally, last year was so crazy and turbulent in my life that (at last) I felt like it’s ”now or never”.
But again, it took time. It took me over 9 months to figure out what to film, with what gadgets, how to film, how to edit and voiceover. I was a slow learner, but a stubborn one.

I had the experience of being a beginner artist previously in illustration and painting. Vlogging is an art to me too. For the great part it’s also visual, which makes it easier. But there are motion and sound to master, which is new.

I know it takes time and tones of patience to close the gap between the art I want to produce and the art I am able to produce right now. So I try to be kind and nice to myself and enjoy the process while I am getting to the level of the art I want to produce. It takes years.

Today I am sharing my first ever vlog. It will mean a lot to me if you let me know your thoughts in the comments on YouTube or subscribe to my channel. 🙂

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