Escaping reality


Twenty years ago I had a habit of diving into the imaginary worlds whenever I did not like something about the real one.

When it was boring, when atmosphere was not so good or when I was upset or disappointed – I just was escaping into that other world. It was fun.

From the outside I looked quite absent-minded during those trips into imaginary universe. I know it from the classmates – they used to name it my Astral.

Over time I lost this habit. A lot was going on as I was adapting to new life abroad, taking on international internships and learning to be adult. No time to float into alternative worlds.

As I started shifting back to creative path 6 years ago, one of the biggest challenges was actually to find that Door to the world of imagination. It took years. I learnt that skill anew, but it did not become as strong of a habit as it once was. It was a tool.

Until last month. When my home country got invaded and as I continued to observe the horrible reality of war at my doorstep, I once again took that Door for what it once was. Not the entry into the world of imagination, but the escape from the real world.

Art is the escape.

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